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Which type are you?

We have been buying cannabis wrong the entire time? That is one way to put it. The days of indica & sativa are over. Not all sativas are uplifting and not all indica give us sleep. Terpenes play a far bigger part of the over all high as described in the entourage effect and this meant we had to reevaluate how we recommended cannabis to our patients.

We decided to break the cultivars into three groups.

Type A: all cultivars with a cannabinoid profile dominant in thc.

Type B: all cultivars with a cannabinoid profile that is more balanced. Ratios must fall with in 20:1 and 1:1 thc:cbd

Type C: all cultivars with a cannabinoid profile dominant in cbd.

This was done because of the antagonistic properties between thc & cbd. This helps us better predict the level of impairment.

We can then look to terpene profiles to see what entourage effect might fortify the effects.

The more we study terpenes the more we understand the specific properties that entice specific qualities such as pinene opening airways and Linalool being a relaxation agent.



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