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What is Craft Cannabis?

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

A new cliche phrase entered the industry about 5 years ago. Well longer than that but Craft Cannabis sure is as popular now as Organic Cannabis was when it first arrived. Tag phrases like these are popular marketing schemes that allow the producer of the product to add flashy and somewhat misleading terminologies to the products sale. I took both business and Cultural Sciences in College and that lead to some fascinating conversation and studies on such cases. Because of how misused and misleading many of the marketing schematics are used there has been various governmental and private bodies that regulate how certain terminology is used in almost all industries.... but what about cannabis?

Here in lies a major issue. No major body is regulating cannabis and so like fake vape cartridges and phony compliance testing, words like Organic are often misused and misrepresented. As the industry evolves more and more regulatory bodies form to tight and restrict how people can use these terms to create more sales and get rich off nothing.

The reasons I used the phrase Organic as a comparative is because it is so vastly used and highly regulated. Its history of misuse has certainly given speculation to what is organic. Scope this article out from this year!

Now with that being stated let us examine one of the newest members of our industry, Craft Cannabis. We have had several conversations with various providers and folks in the industry that swear they serve a craft cannabis. While this might seem true from a basic perspective lets shed some light on how this is extremely false information.

Craft Cannabis takes me back to 2000 where many of the big name growers were still small fish in a huge pond. Thousands of black market growers were compiling information on sites like International Cannagraphic or the old IG forums as most of us know. Back then we were all sharing ideas and compiling information for what worked and what did not... We created our own proprietary systems that were unique and did not require sourcing nutrients and mediums already made from various companies. See, the word craft is shared among the “trades”. In other words it is those that use their hands to create and while doing so creating special processes that increase the products value. Just like cannabis growers other trades like carpentry, masons, and those that simply produce a product in any market have found niche markets that simply want a high end product despite the price. It is really common place for people to see the difference in a custom built home over a track home. Those that are craft builders put in hand worked infrastructure into the home rather than the typical mass produced pieces you buy at Lowes.

Craft Cannabis is the same thing. Here at A Perfect Cure MT we have compiled data on cannabis growing for over a decade. We have been developing our medium, our nutrient and supplementation, and creating a custom environment that entices a higher end product. Our soils are created by us, and are built over long periods of time. Our nutrient system is 100% custom and designed by our Grower. Our environment for growing is all created by years of data and uses science and new discoveries to constantly increase the productivity of the growing area. When it comes to having a knack for growing and understanding the plants, A Perfect Cure has you covered.

Take some time to ask your provider what systems they are using to grow and ask what they call Craft Cannabis because you might really be surprised how short of an answer you will get. Here we might talk all day... so sit down enjoy some meds and lets chat!

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