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Recreational Sales - Will it happen & will it open a black market

We are planning on recreational sales January 1, 2022. Complications are already happening as the state is trying to accompany the new program with lots of over-regulation. As we enter November we still have yet to know what requirements are needed for labeling and if we can order recreational tags through METRC to make legal sales. The state is far too worried about diversion which is almost humorous considering they know that a 20-23% sales tax is certainly going to create a new black market. Over taxation and over regulation leads consumers to find the best prices which are often found on the streets. Here is a little breakdown of what to expect.

$45.00 for 3.5 grams + 23% tax = $55.35

$200 for 28 grams + 23% tax = $246.00

If you consume cannabis like most medical consumers our average patient would be looking at adding another $300 or more to the current price of purchase. Because demand is far exceeding supply you can be guaranteed that prices on cannabis will be steep.

We wish you the best of luck consumers... but dont forget to thank your local Department of Revenue who cares nothing about you only that you are willingly giving them taxes, state wages and a pension.

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