• J.M. Saksa

Product Diversity = Personalized Medicine

Sure have seen so many products come out in this industry. What has been so awesome though is the evolution of cannabis products and the diversification that has really upheld the true medical stance.

Its come a long way from smoking a joint for pain relief and that is a good thing. Patches, edibles and singling out specific terpenes and cannabinoids is a huge jump in the right direction. We will soon have medical professionals using specific cannabinoid recipes and administering them in very special ways.

I can already see surgeons administering cannabinoids to a patient via direct injection during a brain operation. A person with Chron’s Disease will be eating a very special pill along side adding a patch to the area of discomfort. Its all part of a system that we are developing right now. It is one of the many aspects that really just sends chills down my spine. I want to see a better future dont you?

Montana has some major obstacles to overcome. Groups like the MTCIA are all for kissing the legislatures ass and trying to keep it a small medical program. That doesnt help you or I as a patient. We need the same growth we are seeing in other states that have already released special products like patches. We dont need to be retailing these products in Montana, we need to be making them. These folks all need to step out of the way. There is no place in Montana for Reefer Madness!

All I want is whats best for the patients and the future of cannabis as a medicine. Soon we will start seeing a recreational market and mark my words watch the majority of these MTCIA members rush for the rec market. WE WILL NOT DO THAT! The state of Montana deserves to have a reputable provider whose stance is focusing on the medical aspects of cannabis as a homeopathic medicine. Be ready folks as we plan to be the group that serves retirement homes, delivers medicine and knowledge to your front door, and establishes one of the largest Wellness Centers focused around cannabis in the United States!


A Perfect Cure MT

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