• J.M. Saksa

How Cannabis Mesh's with the Outdoor Lifestyle

I dont know about you but nothing seems better than a weekend camping with the family and unwinding around a fire with a massive cannagar! I’m feeling slightly relaxed just thinking about it. No matter what you love doing outdoors, cannabis is likely to make it better.

Let me think back... Snowboarding we had the bowl hole between some trees up on Great Divide. Folfing we had three or four bowl holes along the way. When we go crystal digging its evident that we use our meds. Wow now that I think about it hiking, fishing, camping, climbing, exploration... it all ties me back to the plant. Sitting in nature and indulging on the amazing things nature has saved for eons just for my senses.

What is so cool about cannabis is it is a mood enhancer. The connection between your endocannabinoid system and nature is the difference of a few hits. How cool is that. We are truly blessed!

Simply put when you pack your bags to go do some backcountry recreation make sure you bring us along with you!

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