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Expanding our methodology on Selling Cannabis Correctly

When you walk into almost any cannabis dispensary you will commonly find cannabis classified as sativa or indica. Commonly Sativas are said to provide a more uplifting high and indica on the other end of the spectrum, couch locking. After years of growing thousands of different cannabis cultivars there is far more to the picture than just Indica and Sativa.

Now if you have been to our dispensary you have likely heard my rant on the subject from a taxonomical standpoint all the way to the Entourage Effect and ultimately, empowering conscious consumerism to save you money.

We are now looking at going further than a three way classification system based on our Primary Cannabinoids. You heard that right we are going further down the rabbit hole! Dont you fear it... We absolutely have a method to help keep you in the loop. We will be developing an easy to follow labeling system along with plenty of literature that helps best describe the effects based on consumer data and science.

Bring on the Terpenes because we about to get Entouragey up in here! We want to help consumers find the best possible medicine for the ailments they suffer from and we prove that! If you got questions, we find answers! This new deployment of information helps to further empower you consumers when you are shopping at ole sativa/indica stores who likely just cant dish the science but sure know how to trick the consumer into whatever hype is selling. Rise above and get in with the Cure!

We will reveal our most updated system yet soon.





A Perfect Cure MT

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