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Curing: The Most Important Step

In my humble opinion curing cannabis is the most important stage in readying the plant for consumption! Do you agree?

Let me explain..

Cannabis is a very special plant that requires some very important processes to really unlock the highest potential in flavor and smell. We could delve into the science of terpenes, phenol, esters, flavanoids and the such but that is only the building blocks of the entirety. What we really need to focus on is what happens to all these compounds as cannabis goes through the process of curing.

This process goes back a long time ago when people started collecting leafy herbs and spices that required storage. Everything from Basil to Tobacco undergoes the process of drying and curing to preserve the flavors that we have come to enjoy. Originally that process was called “color curing” and you can find more on that here..

Around 2007 my fascination with curing took an all time high. I started really delving into the vast amount of data and literature that had been conducted on various plant types with a high degree in tobacco farming. What I found was cannabis was unique in that it had many active ingredients that you would not want to loose via the curing methodologies described in tobacco curing but the processes of turning starches into sugars, losing chlorophyll and nitrates was really important. Even more important is that the curing process for cannabis was longer and required much less heat.

After running several experiments I found a methodology that I thought was superior to the many methods I had learned from the old school growers of Northern California. It required space, time and patience as the cannabis would continually smell better and better. Anyone who has undergone this method would likely know that even though the bud smelled ready, one hit and you knew it needed more time. While there is a connection between smell and taste, it only occurs at the very end of this process. The brilliant smells come out first and about week 3.5 you have some fantastic tastes.

There is huge debate among veteran growers as to the best methods and what most of these guys dont get is that the environment in which they are preforming these meticulous acts are all very different. That is what changes the system entirely. Arid vs. Humid and Cooler vs. Hotter air is all part of a equation that you must balance. Light, especially UV, is a prominent factor in assessing the best way to cure. There is quite a bit of data out there and I urge growers to really focus on this part of the growing.

Flowers that taste like hay, mildew, or grass all have been ruined in the curing process. What could be fairly decent mids is turned into garbage almost instantly. Does your provider still store cannabis in turkey bags? FAIL! Does your provider store them in big tub that are not air tight? FAIL! Does your provider serve you cannabis that has been cured less than a month? FAIL! Even bud that is exposed to to much sunlight or higher levels of UV light will degrade the cannabis.

Remember folks this is about your health and your money... put it where the product is taken care of!

A Perfect Cure MT

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