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Could Terpenes be Causing Lung Disease?

There is nothing better than cracking a jar of freshly cured herb and taking a big whiff........ AHHHHHHH that smell!

Terpene production in cannabis is likely one of the greatest factors in determining the quality of the bud. These very cool organic chains give us the major fragrances and tastes that make cannabis so popular. Over the past century man has been on a mission to recover the delicate fragrances of plants from around the world and concentrating them to capture the essence of nature.

Of course the cannabis industry was going to climb on board. We want more flavor in everything we consume and with a country obsessed with growing mids, there had to be a fix! Let me explain...

Here is the common scenario. Dozens of people jump into the industry because its trending and a big money market. They have no skills in growing cannabis but the money to start a business. They market heavily...

In the grow the plants they produce are crap. They might look big and frosty but have very little flavor. Most likely have some nutrient burn, not well flushed, horribly cured. Now they have 50 lbs or more of mids and do not know what to do with it. They sell flower at incredibly low price and the majority ends up transferred to the MIPP.

At the MIPP lab they slam it all through the solvent concentrates machine and out comes a bunch of mids concentrates. Easier to sell but still lacking the smell and taste.... Now in the last few years the answer to their problem, terpenes.

Add a few drops and that lame old concentrate is transformed into a powerhouse of flavor. Seems great to the consumer at first but why the sore throat and why the nasty hacking after taking a dab... well the answer might be that too much of a good thing can be devastating. See what most dont understand is to add terpenes into a vape pen you need to add a modifier. Whats in the modifier? Well it may surprise you... here is an SDS sheet look for yourself.

What do you see? TRADE SECRET? Well isnt that some bullshit! Its because all of this is not regulated and therefore anything could be in it which is no surprise why so many have died from lung disease. See this is yet another reason to stick to the plant and our old school methods.

Please folks really consider what you are consuming!

A Perfect Cure MT

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