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Cannabis Storage, Shelf Life and Curing

It all started for me early to mid 2000s. Cannabis was starting to take hold in legal markets and Montana was included. We were growing some of the hottest cannabis in the North West and I was on a mission to perfect our Cure game.

You all should be reminded that our logo and our catchy phrase "Get in the Jar " really spells the fundamentals of our company. Since that time I developed a very specific Standard Operating Protocol (sop) for finishing cannabis and curing it. Along with that we created curing buckets and have had great success keeping our herb from turning into "Dust in the Wind".

Some of the largest felt complaints are that most producers fail to keep herb fresh. We understood that 20 years ago and our philosophy has been what highlights the quality of our products. Here us an interesting read that really had me gasping...take a look:

Now mind you this discovery dates the cannabis back some 3000 years and most interesting is that because the cannabis was stored correctly, (for the time) the cannabis, when tested, had active cannabinoids. That's mind blowing. It helps us producers understand the logistics behind storage and shelf life.

If the shop you go to usnt taking care of the product at the end shop elsewhere.... that simple. Why? Because that product has lost upwards of 50% of its active cannabinoids and terpenes to degradation. Why pay for less?

Enjoy your day and Get in the Jar!

A Perfect Cure MT

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