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Cannabis & Societal Norms

I love writing my thoughts and impressions on the industry. This particular subject is deeply rooted in conversation pieces. Societal norms are defined as the way society views a subject and creates its own set of rules also known as norms. For instance humans find it disgusting that we slaughter other humans. While this is law it started with societal norms. So with that being said if you were to go into a busy establishment 10 years ago smelling like your favorite cultivar you would likely get far worse looks than you do now.

Change is inevitable and we as humans often fight change to the death but cannabis seems to have accessed the human psyche and changed the common viewpoint from dangerous to overwhelmingly helpful. While there are still dupes outside the box trying to rationalize why anyone would consume cannabis, the majority of folks who live in the real world understand the therapeutic qualities of cannabis flower.

Children and Cannabis

One of the major constructs of societal norms is age. From marriage, voting and gun rights, age is one of the biggest contributing factors and we use it for almost everything. Cannabis and children is no different and a matter a fact even in a society that is vastly turning to cannabis use we still dont see a push to allow children the same therapeutic qualities.

Science is still lacking and we need more data. While many say that cannabis use will cause harm to the growing brain, others object and believe that the endocannabinoid system needs to be utilized. Children with major ailments like seizures, autism, and Chron’s disease have shown promise is alleviating symptoms caused by these issues.

The Primer

Science has been our backbone and this industry has proven the importance of anecdotal evidence. Each human seems to be so unique when it comes to metabolism and processing cannabinoids and the other bioactive ingredients of cannabis. Without anecdotal evidence I dont believe we would be able to perfectly grasp cannabis’s true value. It is the future and our feedback that is going to push cannabis to its limits!

More to do

While change is rapidly in the air, there is still so much more to do. We still have folks in prison for cannabis and people are still getting charges. We still have old piles of shit in Congress living the dream and crushing the American dream. We need more change and it is up to all of you out there to take the reigns and drive this industry. We cant do it alone! Please be the change.

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