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Advanced Cannabis Therapy - The Primer

So far I dont think we have not gained a single patient through any other means but education. Knowledge in this industry is composed of two key factors: Advances in technology and specialized skill sets that fringe a dozen different sciences. Having those tools in a business owners game book can really be a game changer. The more knowledgeable the business is the better access to medicine the patients receive.

Knowledge = Power

Advanced Cannabis Therapy starts with knowledge. New patients are anxious, nervous, and curious as to how our services work and it is those years of research and development that have guided patients to relief. “Its a matching of product to ailment that really sets us aside.” When you realize that you are working with professionals that truly care about you and strive to find a regimen that fits your lifestyle, you start to understand why its so important to not shop at box stores.

Everyone is Different

Everyone is different and everyone reacts to cannabis differently so its absolutely important that we collect as much information as we can. By allowing patients access to a take home survey we have been able to get data sets on specific cultivars that we would not have been able to gather through just retailing cannabis. When patients are in and out the door with little to no feedback you really dont get a sense of how the cannabis is affecting them and how it could be good for another patient. When we can sit down with a new patient and explain to them that these other patients have had success with these product types it empowers the patients to make informed decisions on how they can consume cannabis and more accurately find relief. The majority of dispensaries I have been in the budtenders are more like car salesmen than healers. Ask yourself are you entering a pre-rec store or a medical cannabis facility?

End of the day I would like folks to spend some time really thinking about where they shop and what services are actually provided. I hope this helps open some eyes and minds and helps patients become more informed.


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