A Perfect Cure MT was founded in Helena in the early 2000s when Medical Cannabis laws were just formulating as a voter passed initiative. Our concept was simple. We were compelled to create a medicinal grade flower at a cost affordable to Montanans. 


In 2004 I148 was passed by over 50% of the voter base in agreement for medical cannabis. By 2011 over 25% of Montana's total population was a patient. It took law makers months to overturn the will of the people. Even with the Governor Veto, lawmakers went to work creating SB427 which abolished the program through highly restrictive laws and allowing federal agents to raid progressive caregivers.

What makes A Perfect Cure MT stand out among its competitors? Simple, We produce organic flowers with quality second to none. It all starts with the soil. Our grower has been developing soil and the growing environment for over 15 years. The design was a combination of specific organic farming practices that had a obvious effect on the plant. 

We decided that organic farming was the only long-term and sustainable practice that should be used in cannabis horticulture. Everything from living soil and no-till practices to Korean Natural Farming ferments and Probiotic Microorganisms we have combined thousands of years of farming with modern technology to make some of the finest flowers in America.

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Why waste? Our soils are living, meaning they have lots of different species teaming together to create an ecosystem very unique to our environment. Leaves feed worms that feed microbiology that feed plants. 

Korean Natural Farming

From the ancient works of Master Cho we utilize fermented plant and fruit juices to help mobilize nutrients and feed microorganisms.


Probiotic Farming

Effective Microorganisms help break down organic matter like leaves, stems,and roots helping us create less waste.



Tilling the soil has become the most destructive anthropogenic process to be recorded. We will continue to build soil not destroy it. 




By now I believe everyone knows who Harry J. Anslinger is and how bigotry and misuse of power, science and politics brought on the prohibition of Cannabis. Its now time that we stand as true patriots of this country and tell our government enough is enough. It is okay to make mistakes, it is not okay to continue such all while not changing to better those mistakes. While many state governments are legalizing and expunging cannabis criminal history, the federal government still insists they are correct.


There is a compost tea for that....

We understand the importance of sustainability as the cannabis industry has an incredibly large carbon footprint. Between plastic bottles and inorganic methodologies in the field, something had to change. We decided to be that change, now to see if others will follow suit.



There are two gifts that supply life on this planet; one being soil the other water. Modern agriculture has diminished valuable soil based on bad science and practice in the field. Cheaper alternatives using chemical nutrients and pesticides killed what little life was left after intensive tilling.  To truly understand the detriment was a disaster known as the Dust Bowl and Great Depression. Organic farming methods had to be implemented to save the Earth's precious membrane. 

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Feeding the Soil


"We are highly reliant on Lean Agriculture. Our industry has unlimited barriers to success and understanding a clear path is  the best  way to navigate those challenges was all in part to standardizing every process of our vertically integrated business."

-A Perfect Cure MT




Bottled Nutrients

Microbiology +

Biodiversity +

Balanced Soil =

Sustainable Medium

Any resource used to grow cannabis is a measure of sustainability in this industry. The growing medium is one of the most controversial. We chose a peat based substrate because out of all the resources used it lasts the longest. Soil is superior to hydroponics for this simple reason. 

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Natural Farming

Goes to Market
when its ready

Cannabis companies are scaled up daily but one of the last places most companies invest into is the curing side. It simply one of the most overlooked aspects of the cannabis industry because most producers are more worried about getting flowers to market rather than finishing off the product. 


A perfect

Cure is a proper cure

We picked the jar as a logo becasue at the end of the day its what defines our cannabis over box store weed. We wanted to stand out in any way possible so we developed storage and curing containers for our cannabis. No more turkey bags or plastic tubs. Welcome to A Perfect Cure MT.

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Store your investment with confidence

"I dont go to the butcher or meat deli for convenience, I go because I love fresh.."

Prepackaged Flower with Interga = Super Fresh

Our goal is to educate customers on how to properly store cannabis. There is no worse feeling than seeing cannabis stored in a bag or pop-top jar. That is like driving a lambo through a mud pit. Properly sealed jars with humidity control is essential to retain terpene and cannabinoid content.

Every harvest is in demand but to us no shortcuts should be taken from the time it is chopped to the time it is consumed; storing of cannabis is a technology within itself.